Robotic Atrial Fibrillation San Antonio, TX

Millions of Americans have  heart rhythm disorder. During atrial fibrillation, at times, the top chambers of the heart do not properly beat. The results could include blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. Many people suffer from strokes since blood will pool in the atria of the heart, turn into a clot and then eventually be pumped out where it could travel to the brain.

Standard Atrial Fibrillation Surgery

Without more modern technology, the only way the surgery could be done (and is often done still) would be open heart. This means the chest is opened, the breast bone is cut and the rubs are spread. The heart is then operated on with a radiofrequency device and a pacemaker will most likely be implanted. This is major surgery that includes pain, long recovery times, and numerous different complications.

What is Robotic Atrial Fibrillation?

With this minimally invasive procedure, only a few small incisions are made on the side of the patient’s ribs. The chest will not be opened and the ribs will not need to be spread. Through the small incisions, the surgeon will use the da Vinci robot to access the heart and perform surgery. By performing this procedure using the robot, the patient has:

  • significantly lower recovery times
  • less time spent in the hospital and in intensive care
  • less loss of blood
  • less chance of infection
  • a lower chance of major complications

Additionally patients who have atrial fibrillation surgery with the da Vinci robot, indicate that they are able to go about their regular activities much quicker than those who have open heart surgery.






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